welcome to celebrate wellness


Your search for overall wellbeing for yourself or someone close brought you to our website. That's a good first step!

On our website you will find a wide range of information about who we are and the services we offer our clients. Our aim is to provide holistic, customised wellness services to our clients under one roof with focus on ethics, client care, results and quality.

We have put together some frequently asked questions that will help you understand us and our services better. If you still have questions (which is completely understandable) please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to clarify.

Q . What are your values ?

A . At Celebrate Life, we stand committed to our core values- ethical business, client care, results and quality of service. Our focus will always be taking care of our clients' interests through trained therapists, quality products, services & results orientation.

Q . How do you attract and retain your employees ?

A . At Celebrate Life, we consider employees an integral part of our family. Most of our employees have continued to stay with us and brought in their friends & family to join us. We strongly believe in respecting and treating everyone fairly. Happy, involved employees lead to well cared for and happy clients.

Q . What is distinct about Celebrate Life and why should I choose you over other options ?

A . Our long term clients tell us they truly appreciate the care and genuine attention they get from our team. Multiple clients across different age groups have seen results over a period of time and experienced transformation. We believe we do our jobs sincerely and with care; give us a chance and we would try our utmost to live upto your expectations.

Q . How do you help clients lose weight and centimeters ?

A . Our aim is to help clients achieve their personal wellness goal in a holistic manner. We develop customized treatment plans for each individual knowing fully their needs, metabolism, health conditions are unique. Each treatment plan is unique and results will also differ based on individual differences.

Each treatment consists of certain key ingredients- individual counseling, therapies, machine sessions and diet management. Our therapies and machines are safe and tested over a period of time. We do not prescribe crash diets nor do we ask clients to take diet supplements.

Q . Do these slimming therapies show results ?

A . Absolutely yes – multiple clients through their focus, determination and with the help of our therapies or treatments have experienced amazing transformation. Imagine losing 17 kgs or 50cm (overall body)! Do check out our testimonials section for some of these success stories.

Q . Is laser hair reduction safe ?

A . Laser hair reduction technology is now US FDA approved and is a safe and effective treatment routine. We use ‘Intense Pulse Light’ (IPL) which works by targeting active hair roots with gentle pulses of light. This causes the root to heat up and go into a ‘resting phase’. The hair then sheds naturally after a week or two and regrowth is inhibited.

We have had multiple clients experience success and transformation. Check out the testimonials section for some success stories. If you would like to experience how it works, call us to set up an appointment for a laser patch test.

Q . Can we use this laser treatment on the face ?

A . IPL is safe enough to use on most of the face – we regularly do laser treatments for removing unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip, sidelocks or ear lobes. Laser can be safely used for areas like underarm, bikini areas, arm, leg, back and many more.

Q . Someone I know is getting married in six months? How can Celebrate Life help ?

A . First- congrats and we hope all goes well. We can easily be the grooming partner for the entire wedding party and not just the bride and bridegroom. We can work with them to address their various needs – be it slimming, laser hair reduction, hair or skin care, skin treatments, bridal makeup trials - think about it and we have a solution. All you have to do is give us a call, drop in and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Q . What are your growth plans ?

A . At Celebrate Life, we currently plan expanding our reach all over Bangalore and subsequently South India. We will be growing organically and are also looking for strategic investors who can help us achieve this at a faster pace. We are looking for like minded professionals / individuals who have a desire to be entrepreneurs and therefore become our partners in helping build a successful, client centric organization. If the idea appeals to you, look out for more details in our Franchising section.