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Celebrate life looks forward to expand its presence nationally with the help of franchising as per the following franchise models :

model A

A comprehensive franchise model inclusive of all the slimming and beauty services such as hair care, skin care, derma, laser and fitness services.

Area Required : 1800-2200 sq. ft  |  

model B

Model with sole focus to providing just beauty services like skin care, derma and hair care.

Area Required : 800-1200 sq. ft  |  

model C

Express Model.

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  •   Ability to invest & availability of good location.
  •  Existing business owners from beauty/wellness/complementary streams having suitable location and investment capacity.
  •  An investor with the right attitude and knowledge of the business will be the right fit.
  •  Willingness to devote time/resources to the operations on a day to day basis.
  •  Existing unutilized facility located in an upscale market or on a prominent high street.

The Prospering


Good looks add charm to one's personality. Furthermore, more and more women have entered the professional world, making them more aware and conscious about their beauty, fashion, style and health. The men are not far behind as their need for grooming has been felt and voiced recently. Salons catering to both the genders are increasing as there is a strong demand in the industry.

To meet the customer demands and expectation industry is now moving from traditional salons to modern salon concept. With this transformation, the industry has witnessed advanced beauty solution, contemporary make-up techniques, organic treatment, slimming consultation and much more in terms of aesthetics and customer service. Furthermore, the willingness of the customers to pay more for better services and beauty experience is adding to the overall growth of the industry.


  1. The wellness industry is expected to cross 1.5 trillion INR by 2025.
  2. Salon services are expected to be 10% of personal care and services.
  3. Consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience, hence store ambience, infrastructure and image is now important
  4. Average spending by the Indian household on personal care and services to increase to INR 15K per annum in 2020.
  5. Skin care in India Has grown at CAGR 18%.
  6. Men are flocking to beauty salons in increasing numbers.
  7. Feel good services like beauty treatments, salons, gyms, spa experience, etc have become a part of people's everyday lifestyles.
  8. Investors, retail beauty manufacturers, and industry itself support salon brands.

Celebrating Profits!

The wellness industry is on increasing trend with consumer inclination (both men & women) towards looking good and feeling good. The major drivers being high disposable income and increasing awareness. Celebrate Life is an established company in the industry of slimming and beauty with 2 successfully operational centers offering great beauty, slimming, laser, hair care and skin care services.


Currently, we have 6 branches at prominent places in Bangalore, more centers are shortly coming up in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. With an aim to be the pioneers in beauty and slimming services, we have tried to bring the best to the clients. We understand that each individual is different, has distinguishing features and unique body structure with dissimilar response to slimming programs. Our core services are as follows:

  • Weight Management Services
  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • Microdermabrasion Skin Treatments
  • Derma Treatments
  • Therapeutic & Relaxation Massages
  • Hair Care & Treatments
  • Skin Care & Treatments
  • Standard Salon


The cornerstones of our functioning are Ethics, Quality of Service, Customer Service and Result Oriented.

Let's Get Together


Celebrate Life is Bengaluru based holistic wellness company providing full and comprehensive range of beauty, slimming, laser, derma, hair care and skin care services. We offer services covering from head to toe and giving complete solutions to our customers.

Our dynamic & professional team are adept in handling skin & overweight problems, we use the latest technology like non-invasive technique and skincare using microdermabrasion to solve skin & body overweight problem scientifically & systematically.